Our Projects

East Rockaway High School Auditorium Crawl Space
Dewatering & Ventilation Improvement Project

Shallow groundwater stagnates within the crawl space beneath the auditorium resulting in moisture laden air that can have an effect on air quality in adjoining usable spaces. AB Environmenatl worked with the District’s architect, John A Grillo Architect PC, to design and build a dewatering and ventilation system in the crawl space beneath the auditorium. The dewatering system included the installation of two reinforced collection sumps beneath the crawl space each equipped with float activated ejector pumps that discharges water through a series of newly installed dewatering pipes. The ventilation system is comprised of an intake blower that pulls fresh air into the crawl space through a network of newly installed PVC distribution pipes while a second discharge fan evacuates moisture laden air from the crawlspace discharging it to atmosphere. “As always your guys do great work. Thanks so much.” indicated John A Grillo, and Anthony Quercia, Director of Facilities and Operations (East Rockaway UFSD) added, “John, the guys have been working very good they check in and out with me each day and go over their progress.”

Hudson Yards West 34th Street & 11th Ave., NYC Sewer Chamber
Confined Space Entry Remediation of a Contaminated

Equipment Utilized: Vactor 2100 Plus Series Pnuematic Excavator, Cusco PM200 Series Vacuum Truck, 25 Cubic Yard Haz-Mat Sealed Vacuum Boxes, High Pressure Jetting Equipment, Air Knives, Level C PPE,
Brief Project Description: Vacuum excavation / remediation of an active NYC sewer chamber located 3 stories beneath W33rd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. Accomplished dewatering of hundreds of thousand of gallons of storm and sewage water to evacuate 60 tons of hazardous solids contained within two inoperable sewer chambers and connecting trunk so it could be put back in service.